Albums & Wall Art

Why is it important to print your images?  I’m going to answer that with another question.  What is the first thing you would grab if there was a fire in your home?  Images are something that cannot be replaced if lost.  Your wedding day, the birth of your first child, their first birthday, and the list goes on.  The capturing of the most important memories of your life are priceless.

Timeless Heirlooms


DEKORA ALBUM CO. is a Canadian creator of handmade quality personalized boutique albums.  Tangible items like albums deserve to be enjoyed and loved.  Share with a loved one or a friend and enjoy great memories!

Wall Art

The Framed Floatmount is a new type of wall art which comes, complete and ready to hang.  The center image is made from photo print, masonite, lamination, and painted beveled edge.  The image is attached approximately 1/4″ away from the background.  An array of background materials are available to customize each order. The Framed Floatmount truly is a unique product providing a customized yet versatile look


Prints are such a lovely memento for those you care for.  A tangible keepsake of special moments shared with one another.  Whether it is framed or kept in another special place, they will always bring someone joy!  

Photography is best enjoyed in print.  When you print a photograph, it becomes physical.  On a wall or in an album, having a tangible product that you can touch and feel is something that no digital image will ever give you.  You should print the photos that inspire you, that bring back memories, or simply bring you joy.  The portraits you hang can remind you of who is important in your life.  

It’s always easy to convince ourselves that we will print the photos soon, but there is never really a good time.  Let me help by ordering these heirlooms for you.  I deal with two professional Canadian companies that do an outstanding job providing amazing quality with all of their products.  All that you have to do is choose your favourite image(s) and decide what product best suits your needs.  Whether it is a Framed Floatmount from GTA Imaging, a beautiful wedding album from Dekora, or lovely prints that you can frame or put in an album, the choice is yours.  The important thing is that you start getting those images off of your computer and in to your hands where you can touch and feel your memories for many years to come.