What to Wear to your Photo Session

by Tammy Jette

February 26, 2019

Something that I often hear from my clients is “What should I (we) wear to our photo session?”  I always tell them to co-ordinate their outfits without matching them.  Usually I suggest to base your outfits around 3-4 colours.  Also, you can start with one piece of clothing and “build” around it.

Hope that this post helps and inspires you for your next photo session!


For Winter sessions red, black and grey are very popular choices.  I also love to see red, navy blue and grey together!

Cornwall Family Photographer


For Spring sessions pastels are very popular as are neutrals.  I love how this family went with beige, white and a gorgeous floral print.

Cornwall Family Photographer


Summer sessions look great in soft pinks, baby blues or alternatively in bright colours.  Look at how amazing this family looks after going with pink, black, blue & grey.

Cornwall Family Photographer


Fall is my busiest season and also my favourite season.  I love seeing the rich colours, cozy sweaters, and great boots that clients wear to my sessions.  These sisters coordinated their outfits beautifully using navy, mustard yellow, and burgundy together.  Even dad looked great!

Cornwall Family Photographer


The same rules go for my engagement sessions.  Try to coordinate those outfits!  Here are a few couples that did an awesome job.

Cornwall Engagement Photographer

Purple, navy, and a floral bringing the colours together.


Cornwall Engagement Photographer

Navy, green and black.  Bonus points for the matching flower!


Yellow, raspberry, white and beige.


Cornwall Engagement Photographer

Blue, green and beige.


Here are a few more pictures of some wonderfully coordinated outfits.

White, beige and lilac.

Purple, white, and blue.

Navy, red, and white.

Beige, blue, grey, and raspberry.  Bonus points for matching the pants to the dog!

Blue, white, beige and florals.

Grey, red, black and white.

Navy, burgundy, and white.


What not to wear – Try to stay away from logos, ball caps, and several busy patterns in the same family.  I also tell everyone not to dress too matchy matchy.  Not sure what that means?  Think  of the dated trend of wearing matching white tops and jeans for the entire family.


Taking the time to coordinate your outfits will result in more pleasing and cohesive portraits.  Mom, I know this usually falls on your shoulders.  Don’t be afraid to ask me for help before your session.  Part of my job is guiding you through the entire process.

Now lets all think about those gorgeous pastels and florals you are going to wear at your Spring Session.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s just around the corner!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with this winter and am going to welcome Spring with open arms!!





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