Top Wedding Trends for 2019

by Tammy Jette

January 22, 2019

Wondering what’s going to be big in weddings this year?  I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 wedding trends according to some top wedding magazines, Pinterest, and wedding articles.  I have seen a few of these ideas already incorporated into some of the 2018 weddings that I photographed, but really hope to see a few more this year.  Want to be a bride that’s on trend this year?  Think dark moody colours, velvet, neon signs and grazing tables!


Chic dark and moody wedding colours – Think deep reds and purples, emerald greens, deep blues and glossy blacks.  It’s elegant, grown up and dramatic all at once!Cornwall & Ottawa wedding photographer


 Statement wedding cakes – Gone is the small simple cake, donut walls, and cupcakes.  Back is the grand multi-tiered wedding cake!  This gorgeous cake was made by the owner of Fairy Sweet for her own wedding in 2017.
Cornwall & Ottawa wedding photographer


Edible wedding favours – This trend is back in full force, but has evolved from those yucky mints that you used to just throw away, to things like maple syrup and custom chocolates.Cornwall Wedding Photographer


Signs to be more modern and personalized – For example a groom that I worked with loves astrology and incorporated it into his wedding day in a beautiful way!Cornwall & Ottawa wedding photographer


Eco conscious and ethical weddings –  From dresses to centrepieces, you can source a natural, sustainable, recycled, alternative for just about anything on your list of wedding must-haves.Cornwall & Ottawa wedding photographer


Embracing colour and new colour trends – Mix and match those bridesmaids dress colours!  And while you’re at it do something unique with the bouquets.  This stunning arrangement was made by The Village Green Flower Shop in Ingleside.Cornwall & Ottawa wedding photographer


Neon Signs & Structural Floral Displays – I am already seeing the neon sign trend in my social media feeds.  I’ll admit that I didn’t love it at first, but it is quickly growing on me! The image below perfectly displays both of these trends used together. (Please note that the image below was not taken by me.)

Photo by David Campbell Imagery


Mixed and untraditional wedding parties – Think best woman and man of honour.  Who says that the bride can only have girlfriends as bridesmaids!  I already have one client in 2019 who will have a Man of Honour and I can’t wait!  This groom chose his three teenage children as his grooms(wo)men.Cornwall & Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Velvet linens – Velvet napkins, drapery and table runners.  Imagine velvet incorporated in your wedding in those chic dark and moody wedding colours I mentioned at the beginning of this post. (Please note that the below images were not taken by me)Cornwall & Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Grazing Tables – I am a huge fan of charcuterie boards!  So when I heard that a more elaborate version known as Feasting tables or Grazing tables are a huge trend in wedding catering right now, it made me very happy!  These would be perfect for cocktail hour or even at your midnight buffet.  A great new company that just opened in Cornwall is Forage who specialize in Charcuterie boards. (Please note that this image was not taken by me)Cornwall & Ottawa Wedding Photographer


That’s it!  These will be some of the biggest trends to hit weddings in 2019 and I am really hoping that I get to see a few of these ideas at the weddings I photograph.  Will you incorporate any of these 10 items in your wedding?  If so I would love to hear about it!



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